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Rex Halligan, Nip Fury, Fire & Fury Burlesque

About Us 

Photo by Desiree DeSade

Started in 2019, Fire & Fury burlesque is a burlesque production company in NYC brought to you by performers Rex Halligan and Nip Fury. Fire & Fury aims to bring you the best date night in NYC and Brooklyn featuring some of the most talented burlesque and variety performers this city has to offer. We specialize in top-tier contemporary ecdysiast entertainment with a focus on acts that are cheeky, smart, eclectic and seductive.


Nip Fury

Born and raised in Miami, but will live in die in New York. Nip Fury blends the nerdy and dirty with cheeky storytelling and a dash of Latin flare. Nip has always loved two things: Halloween and dance; Enter: burlesque. She has a BA in Writing, Literature and Publishing and uses that to tell stories through her acts. Whether its a story that shifts your perspective on a “monster” like Medusa, a cheeky protest against social media censorship, or a simple story of a rebellious cowgirl claiming her sexuality on her terms, each act tells a story, with a sharp focus on that of women who are oft-maligned, misunderstood or taken for granted. Through burlesque, Nip stakes her claim amongst many others, using the stage to probe and disrobe.

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Rex Halligan

Growing up in NYC's punk scene, Rex jumped into burlesque after falling in love with the no-rules, DIY aspect of performance art. Rex revels in creating acts that poke fun at himself while still giving the audience something to ogle -- Think thirst trap with a spit-take. He's burlesque's dive bar daddy in a black tie. He'll put out your fire- but he'll also start it.

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